Monday, June 25, 2007

Waltworks MUNI project - also, jerseys are in!

Someone told me this mountain unicycle (with a gaping 4" of tire clearance for a Surly Endomorph tire) looked like a TIE fighter, and I can't say I disagree. So I made some laser sounds while flying it around in the first picture. Think episode IV style, not that lame-ass Episode I-III crap. Here's a more normal picture.

And yes, they are for sale. $300 gets you a custom unicycle built for any size of rider and wheel, as much tire clearance as you want, built around a seatpost size of your choice, including bearing clamps and seat collar, with or without brake bosses, powdercoated any color in the Cardinal or Tiger color palettes. Quick release bearing clamps available for a $80 upcharge. Sorry, no giraffes. At least for now.

Finally, jerseys have actually arrived. Here's Miguel modeling them. $50 including shipping if you already have your Waltworks frame or fork, $45 if you're still on the wait list (and I'll ship it with your frame/parts).

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