Saturday, June 30, 2007

There are some real nutters out there.

Check out this thread on Frameforum

My favorite part is that this fellow openly admits that he wants to "experiment" on his friends and family! Hilarious, if somewhat frightening.

Sorry for the lack of posts this week - not all that much exciting has been happening. It's 95 degrees every day, so Sarah's been waking me up at 6am to go ride. Not sure that schedule is agreeing with me entirely, but it's better to ride at 6 when the temp is only 70 degrees, for sure.

Kenosha-Georgia on the CO trail tomorrow. I'll get some pictures for everyone who is eagerly awaiting the latest blog post. All 4 of you.


Kevin said...

There is no reasoning with this nut. He used to be on the MTBR forums, constantly posting links to his PVDwacky site with another "state-of-the-art" update. He was always getting bashed and eventually disappeared. He obviously has some machining skills and access to equipment, but I think he may have got his head to close to a drill press and accidentally lobotomized himself.

EasyTiger said...

But then Walt goes on to say :

"PVD did the right thing and listened to what we had to say. Cut him a break, man. I think skate trucks are probably a lot harder to engineer (let alone actually manufacture) than a bike frame!"

Maybe not such a nutter afterall.

Shane"Crash"Jones said...

All five of us.

PVD said...

Thanks Walt.