Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday friday friday

Dude, I got 2 sixpacks of beer today. One of the fringe benefits of building bikes is that the folks who buy them tend to express their thanks with beer. Hence I almost never have to buy beer myself, though sometimes what I get is a little odd.

In any case, our weekend is shot, thanks to the endless cold rain/snow/drizzle that has invaded the front range. Humorously enough, they also postponed the Boulder Roubaix race because of poor weather...I'd like to see them do that in Belgium. Not bloody likely!

I finally got my 38mm downtubes from True Temper, so Clay and Joel (who have both been really understanding about this) are both back on track, and I'm hoping to bust my butt this weekend and get both frames done. The downtubes took an amazing 4 months to show up! Between True Temper and the powdercoaters, I'm pulling my hair out lately.

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