Saturday, April 07, 2007

Waltworks sponsors Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol

Check it out here: Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol Blog.

Basically, I'm offering anyone who is an active patroller 20% off frames and forks. I'm also offering 10% off to members of the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance (check 'em out here). No, you can't get both discounts at once, duh. It's an exciting time for mountain biking in Boulder county - a decent number of new trails are opening and people are excited about getting involved. Join up with BOA or the patrol and do your part, folks!

Weather this weekend: freezing rain and 22 degrees. Fantastic. I think Sarah and I are going to go down to see Sarah's mom in Centennial, so I'll stop by Anvil bikes on the way to pick up my sexy new brake and boss fixture from Don. Sweet.

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