Monday, April 02, 2007

A review from Vecsus

Check out the nice words James wrote about his new Waltworks here:
Vecsus blog

He's deploying to Iraq soon, so send some positive thoughts his way the next few months, eh? Be safe out there, man.

In other news, we rode the local "default" (meaning, what you do when you don't have a lot of time and you're too lazy to go way up in the mountains) ride, Betasso, for the first time this year. Betasso is a 1 mile/500 foot climb to a 3.3 mile singletrack loop. Not exactly an epic, but it's a respectable 22 miles round trip from our house (and luckily, pretty much the entire approach is on the Boulder Creek bike path), so it feels like a real ride. Sort of. I took a couple of pictures of Sarah on her new super-fancy 29er - here's the best one. It's close to sneaking under the 20 pound barrier - she's pretty psyched, because she's been riding and racing her super-heavy S&S travel bike for the last 6 months. It's supposed to have some of the new SRAM Noir cranks, but they haven't come into stock yet, so she's rocking the old Ritchey Logics.


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James said...

Had I known you'd link my blog I might have used some bigger, more intellectual words and phrases.

Thanks for the good thoughts. I don't mind heading to Iraq for 6 months...I just wish they had timed it better so I could get in some races this year.