Thursday, January 17, 2013


Another short-chainstay bike, this one for Minh, who already has a couple of other frames from me. He wanted to try jumping on the short-stay bandwagon, and I was happy to oblige. He didn't want to do anything weird with the chainline, but wanted the option to go super short, so the compromise ended up being that at the shortest chainstay length setting (16") on the sliders, the bike will only fit a 2.1" tire. If he wants to run something bigger, he'll have to slide the wheel back 5-10mm.

Geometry breakdown:
-For 29" wheels, 100mm travel tapered steerer suspension fork, sliders for SS or 1x use.
-70.5 HTA and 72 (effective) STA. 86mm trail.
-63.1cm front center, 103.4cm/40.7" (sub 41"!) wheelbase.
-59cm ETT, 44cm seat tube.
-32cm/12.6" BB height.
-40.6cm effective/41cm actual chainstay length (that's 16/16.1"), clearance for a 2.1 at the front, 2.4 at the back (43cm length).
-S-bend stays, full length housing/hose for the brake and derailleur.

Edit: I'm always pretty conservative about tire clearance. Here's a picture from Minh of an Ikon 2.2 with the sliders all the way forward.


onlyontwo said...

Holy smokes, sub 41" wheelbase AND a 12.6" bb height? Isn't that buggy going to get to be a handful on anything very choppy?

I'm sure it won't as Walt knows his stuff. I'd imagine it'll ride like a bmx bike...Sick.

Nice work.


Walt said...

Well, 86mm of trail is on the high side for XC, so that'll help, but yes, this obviously isn't intended for bombing rough fire roads.

You'd be surprised how well bikes like this do on rough and fast stuff, though.

In any case, this is a virtual carbon copy (except for the chainstay length and suspension capability) of a bike Minh already owns and likes. Probably not ideal for lots of people but it's what he's looking for.