Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Brian's frame class bike - complete!

I did nothing but stand by and advise/run my mouth. Brian built this sucker from the ground up about a month ago - 150mm travel 27.5 hardtail with slack angles, super short stays, and all the modern bells and whistles. Nice work!

Edit: frame class details here. A couple spots still open for fall this year!

Prepare to be shredded, Marquette


Anonymous said...

So, that's a 140mm fork with the HTA pegged at Open sag, and Brian is 183cm? HT is really tall. 40.5 stays! Mouthguard optional & thank heavens for flats & sticky rubber. Ride report please.

Anonymous said...

You should post your frame building class costs, details of what one get', etc. again. Regular reader, can't remeberz. If I lived in the West and wanted a HT frame, I'd want to know.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:38: It's a 650b. Read better.