Sunday, July 19, 2015

3" tires? 425mm chainstays?

There are some caveats, but man this thing is going to be fun when it's done! And no, that swingarm won't be attached to this frame. I just bolted it up to play around and give it a little night ride test.

2001 LX cranks are still awesome. Cable guides? Who needs cable guides?


Feldy said...

Need. Moar. Detail. Pics. Now.

Meriwether said...

excellent, the Master!
What is that yoke, a piece of 1/4" walled pipe?

A.B. said...

How does the tire behave on the Flow rim?

Walt said...

The SE4? Um, it works great.

I like the Chupacabras on the Flows too, if that's what you're asking.

Anonymous said...

The SE4? A.B. must be referring to Odawg's report that a Trek Cust Srvc Rep specs the minimum inner rim width for Chupacabra at 40mm. I like how Blakey-Shell, on the same webpage, 'would never recommend going against a manufacturers recommendations on something like this. I ran them on rims with an inner width of 30mm and had no issues.' So you can see what a rebel Walt is at -15 to -19mm. Compare Derby's assertion: 'A smaller tire with wide [Derby] rims works better with more handling stability and cornering traction than large volume tires with similar tread on narrow 30mm rims.'

Walt said...

Tire pictured is a Bontrager SE4 enduro tire.

I have tried a variety of rim widths and at least for me, it doesn't seem to matter much with the Chupacabras. Below 15 psi=sucky. 15-20 = nice. The heavier 29+ tires (ie Maxxis/Surly) may do better at lower pressures since they've got more rubber/casing. I haven't spent much time on them though.

Keep in mind I am not particularly interested in using the tire as suspension. I want the extra cornering traction. Below 15 I just fold the sidewalls regardless of the rim, it seems. Honestly I couldn't tell much of a difference on a Crest!

YMMV, of course.

Anonymous said...

Caveat #1: not a 3" tire!

A.B. said...

Thanks Walt.

Yes, I was referring to the Chupacabras (I didn't realize that was an SE4 in the pic).

I just switched from a 35mm Salsa Gordo in the rear to a 29mm Stans Flow EX. Both using a Maxxis Ardent 2.4, and I feel like I need to keep a lot more pressure in there to keep it from being too squirmy while pedaling or landing small jumps. I was just curious if this was amplified by using the Chupacabra, but obviously you have your suspension doing the suspension-ing so you're not too worried about running it very low.

Anonymous said...

Very informative and entertaining thread with many credible posters, a misleading title, and sidelights on zealotry and civil discourse. Addresses rim width & material, tire construction, and intended application. Mind your drift patches, ladies and gentlemen.