Saturday, February 21, 2015

The New Waltworks Color and Powdercoat Lowdown

The bottom line: you can save yourself a few bucks by picking one of my hand-selected "stock" colors.

Long story: Custom ordering colors for powdercoat is resulting in really long lead times, confusion, and a new learning curve for the powdercoat guys (apparently each color is a little different in terms of how it behaves coming out of the gun and when being baked) which means that a TON of frames are having to go back a second (or sometimes third!) time. That sucks for everyone.

So, I'm offering a $50 discount on any of these fine colors - because they're always in stock, they are durable and look great, and the PC guys are familiar with them. Click the code/RAL to see info from the powdercoat company, click the name to see a bike in that color.

I will periodically add colors to the "stock" color palette, but until further notice, these are the bonus free-money ones.

RAL 6018 - Kawasaki Green!
Red Baron - need I say more?
RAL 5015 - "Team" blue
RAL 1027 - Curry, baby!

Satin "Johnny Cash" Black

Basic White


Anonymous said...

You really only need to offer one color, the very best color there is - - Waltworks Team Blue.

Spooner said...

WE call that ":curry" color "baby poop" in these parts...

alpine luddite said...

Anon may be right. Richard Sachs doesn't give you a color choice. granted walt can build you 4 frames for one of his and you would still ahead.

i still want black...

White Mike said...

I think you mean DICK SACKS

I got sparkly sparkles powdercoat because I'm a little girl.

alpine luddite said...

No Mike, It's RICHARD....I started road and cross racing in the early 90's in connecticut, massachusetts where he is well known. my bike at that time was hot pink.