Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Random Tuesday Announcements and for-sale

-If you are the owner of the rusted-out cracked Wily frame that has been in my garage for several months now, please get in touch about the repair or I'm recycling it.

-Frame prices will go to $1700 (for new orders, those on the list are locked in) starting Jan. 1. Without getting too far into it, I'm getting asked for more and more exotic dropouts/curves/weirdness and prices have to rise to cover it all.

-Mike wants to sell this headbadge he had Jen Greene make:

Interested? I'm sure he'll give you a deal. Email me and I'll put you in touch.


Chris said...

Have you considered doing two-tier pricing for your frames? Say a lower-priced basic frame with only custom geometry and standard brazeons, and a higher-priced swanky frame with tube bending and shaping and custom work to the rider's taste. You ought to be able to set things up so that you don't care which you're doing because your hourly rate is higher on average than it is now.

mike said...

This makes me feel old. Pretty sure I got an FS frame for less than a rigid costs these days.

Nate Thompson said...

Walt, is this head badge still available?