Monday, November 24, 2014

Kevin's low-Q fatbike complete!

Read more on the geometry here if you're interested.

Obligatory garage-door shot. A brown one, nice change of pace!

150x15 rigid fork for easy Bluto-swapping. That sounds sort of awful if you don't know it's a bike part...

With bags

With an 83mm shell/62mm chainline, here's your max tire/chain clearance, folks


White Mike said...

Looks dope! You're breaking a major rule of the internet which is to post a drive side pic. Drive side dude. :-)

gregclimbs said...

seems you could riff off the new PF132 bottom bracket like the blackborow is using and instead make a 115 and use std pf24 cups and get much shorter chainstays, better mud clearance and easier to make/weld

Walt said...

Hey Greg -

The limiting factor here is the chain clearance. You can get loads more chainstay clearance if you want, and you can make the chainstays shorter, too - but you run into chain clearance issues with the tire if you try to run anything bigger (no point in having more clearance for the frame than for the chain) and you also run out of heel clearance with shorter stays in a hurry if you're going for low-Q.

Walt said...

FWIW, I am in general not a fan of pressed BBs, and the fab/welding work here is not super hard. But your idea is still cool!


Meriwether said...

This is so rad Walt! Nice job. I know how these builds go and now I want one of these. This is the 4" fat/29+/27.5+ all arounder IMO. Love the geometry too. Kevin is psyched!