Monday, September 01, 2014

Jersey order ... finally getting done

I'm finally finalizing the WW jersey order (turns out when both the bike builder AND the jersey guy have a kid in the summer... not much gets done!)

I'll be ordering a big pile of swanky made-in-the-USA jerseys and I want your feedback (leave a comment, or email me).

As of now, I'm ordering sizes S-XL, in club (ie, pathetic out of shape people with kids) cut only. So, if you: 1) Want a size smaller or bigger than that range or, 2) Want a race cut jersey, please let me know.


Peter Cain said...

Look cool... I'm in.

Are you going to make head tube badges to match that color?

Eric N. said...

I agree, make head badges to match.

And how soon can we order the jersey?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm a pathetic out of shape person with kids, so count me in.

- Paul

Anonymous said...

How and when do we get to place our orders???

Chris LaSalle said...

I would love a race cut jersey in medium. Let me know how to order.