Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Dave's 29+

This was a fun one - and should be fun to ride, too.

Usual clean shop. Sigh.

Geometry geeks:
-68 HTA, 703mm front center, 103mm of trail. Yup. For going fast and falling off crap.
-42cm chainstays. That's right. Knards probably won't clear by much with the sliders slammed but he should be able to run with decent clearance at 42.5-43cm. The newer 2.8-ish 29+ tires will probably fit ok slammed.
-SS or 1x only, and only room for a 26t chainring. Yowza.
-62cm effective toptube.
-Built for a 140mm fork, tapered of course.

That's wide.

In short, this bike is for being dumb with big fat tires and big speed high in the mountains in CO. Freeride hardtail meets fatbike? All I know is I wish it was mine!


Jay Swan said...

Sweet. What's the weight on that?

Walt said...

I don't weigh frames much anymore but this sucker is way, way beefy. I'd guess up close to 5 pounds?

Vlad Vinnik said...

Looks awesome! Pardon the ignorance, but for the application you're describing (i.e going fast, big hits)are there circumstances where you want a hardtail rather than full sus? Or is the motivation to have something that requires less maintenance/is more reliable?


Vlad Vinnik said...

Looks super sweet!!

probably an ignorant question - but for the application you are describing (i.e. big hits at high speed) are there circumstances where a hardtail is preferable over full sus? Seems that other than the really short stays the geometry is what is typically found on slack full sus bikes. Or is it just rider preference.

Mike V said...

What is the Ral on that?

Lance said...

That powder coating looks awesome.