Monday, July 21, 2014

Pics and words from Rodney

Finally together after Rodney received his bike just before having to leave the country for a few months for business. He writes:

Thanks for the amazing bike. It's exceeding my expectations for sure. I thought I was crazy buying another rigid, but I can't get over how smooth it rides. I thought the thin fork blades I went with would have brake chatter issues, but man is it solid and somehow still so resilient. No more numb hands and fatigued arms! That is one thing I can't get over. Pure magic.
Handling is so spot on and predictable. It's just been a blast.
Awesome room in back for the 2.4s on 35 mm wide rims. No heel strikes either! The curved fork, seat stays, down tube and seat tube are sexy as hell.
Bike came in at 20 lb 13 oz!

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29er Guy said...

Hmm... Now that's am awesome bike!