Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lance - done, plus geometry geek-out

Lance wanted to hit his local (twisty, tight midwest ST) as well as use this bike for gravel races and the occasional more-techy cross race. So we had to try to cram in a decent sized tire along with a 36t chainring - no easy task.

-71.5 degree HTA, 44mm offset fork for 79mm trail and 635mm front center.
-41cm chainstays - to run a tire bigger than 2.1 or so, Lance will have to pull the sliders back a centimeter or two. That's the tradeoff when you want a pretty big chainring and short stays.
-315mm/12.2" BB height.
-Built for a 100mm fork, 27.2 post (Lance probably won't ever run a dropper for what he's going to ride), and 1x or SS drivetrain.
-Dropout inserts shown are just dummies, Lance will run a 142x12 axle on this bike.


Lance said...

Thanks Walt. I can't wait to hit the trails with this!

Anonymous said...

Flat bar or drop bar?

Walt said...

Ah, good question! Flat bar. It's *mostly* a mountain bike.