Friday, March 14, 2014


I never go to bike shows, but apparently that hasn't stopped my stuff from showing up. Check it out. 

A note for those who are curious: I don't attend NAHBS or any other shows because I'm a busy guy with a lot of frames to build, and in my free time I like to hang out with my family and go for rides. Those priorities pretty much rule out spending a lot of money and time to travel to a show, no matter how cool it might be.


JP McCarthy said...

I only took this bike to Charlotte to ride it. Good choice as I mostly rode in the dark. So the bike never actually made it inside the show, but it still got some attention. Definitely the best-looking fork in Charlotte this weekend. Thanks Walt!

Lee Brinckerhoff said...

I've thought about having breaking down my schmidt wheel and rebuilding it for Linda to commute (650c) and getting a new internal routing hub and having you build a new fork for my S&S bike and of course using it as an excuse to get a newer light. What did you think of the system?