Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Still here!

I have really slacked off on blogging and answering email as I'm now starting move-mode, which involves fixing/cleaning our current house for renters (no small task when a 2 year old has been coloring/smashing/spilling/bodily-functioning-on the place), packing up our piles of junk (man, we have twice as much stuff as before we had kids!), and of course moving all the piles of tubes and tools in the shop.

So anyway, don't expect much blog action for a few weeks. I think Luis' frame will be the first Park City one but I *might* be able to sneak it in before the shop gets packed up.

I'm finishing Tom's frame now - he stopped by to watch me do some welding (I've got spare safety equipment so you are welcome to come see your frame being built) and took a few "action" shots. Yes, a motionless person hunched over a bike frame for half an hour is apparently considered action these days... but it's de rigeur to have some welding pictures on your website, so eat your hearts out!

Tacking the downtube to the BB.

Yes, gardening gloves. My old welding instructor from college would murder me.

Tacking the downtube. Shop even messier than usual as I have stopped even pretending to clean up.

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