Sunday, March 02, 2014

A new way to pay

For those folks who are annoyed by sending checks to pay for their new bike (or just pay your buddy back for a few brews) - check out

I am not associated with them in any way, but it has driven me crazy for years that credit card and paypal fees are still 2.5%+ when the entire transaction is being done by a computer with nary a human in sight. The same fees, basically, that everyone was paying in the days of snail mail, and it seems a little odd that the efficiencies of modern technology couldn't bring them down. I'm guessing it costs a couple of cents to process an ordinary transaction, plus a few more cents to insure money on deposit and defend against fraud. So charging $5 on a $150 transaction is highway robbery.

Enough ranting. I've just signed up but I've heard good things, so check it out if you're tired of dealing with checks and/or paying credit card fees.

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