Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Those curves are infectious...

Remember when if you wanted some curved tubes on a bike I would throw a big fit about how they didn't accomplish anything?

Yeah, y'all won on that one. And now you won on forks too - people have been asking me for years for curved fork blades but due to a combination of stubbornness and too much other stuff going on, I never got around to doing a fork blade bender. But I got a very strange request (for a fork with 125mm of offset!) that wasn't practical without bending the blades, and here we are.

Here's Mary's mountain/bikepack fork in the early stages of being built.

I know someone is going to ask so:
-There is no extra charge.
-This will only work with tapering/smaller diameter blades. I can't bend the big constant diameter ones safely for forks as the radius is just too small to do (at least for me) with larger diameter/thinner wall tubes.
-Yes, I can accomplish all the offset with the curve if you'd like unless you need a LOT of offset for some reason.


mark c said...

is there a behavior difference to a curved fork, or is this just an engineering convenience?

Walt said...

In my opinion it's mostly aesthetics. You will find plenty of people who claim there's more give/comfort in a fork with curved blades. I'm pretty dubious about that myself but I've never done any real-world testing.

John said...

I like it! I guess if there is going to be a difference you can feel in a curved tube, it'll be in the un-triangulated fork.

steve garro said...