Monday, December 02, 2013


1: Started David's frame (and finished the front end) after the holiday week from hell with sickness for everyone and me playing full time dad and full time nurse most of the time. Least productive bike building week ever? Probably.

Here's a bad picture - I think the white balance was screwed up on the camera.

2: Mountain bike season is finally over. Normally I would not celebrate this but the season usually ends around the start of November and at this point even I'm getting the jones to scrape the storage wax off the skis. I'm sure I'll be sorry I was rooting for winter to start when I'm out in the shop and the high is 23, though. 


Kate Rowan said...

Why so sick, little family?!? Get better soon, and stay warm!

taryn said...

Well, your 23 is still fairly balmy next to our 11. Enjoy!