Monday, October 21, 2013

Random Photo Monday

Thanks to Joel for the pic. He says "Two Waltworks, near the top of Brushy Hollow trail, Douthat State Park (one of IMBA's epic rides)..."


Anonymous said...

What is the head badge on the black one? Is it a WW wanted poster?!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, my head badge is a Waltworks solar powered fabrication one from when he was in Boulder. Douthat is made of mostly old CCC cut trails from back during the depression. It doesn't get much better than ripping 83 year old singletrack. Super rad place to visit if you're ever in the Virginia Appalachians.

-Tyler Arnold

Adam M. said...

Looks like the solar powered decal. Nice bikes!

Anonymous said...

Ok I remember those head badges. Cool bikes!

What crank is that on the green one?