Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Photo dump - Gal's fork

29" tire clearance (a Knard will have ~12mm on either side), suspension corrected in case someone starts making a suspension fork that will swallow that huge tire (I know, I know, you can cram 'em in some forks...). Faux lugs/sleeves - which apparently we're now calling "bi-lam". Or something. In this case they're basically just decoration, but that's the beauty of custom stuff - if it makes you happy, you can have it and you don't have to justify it to anyone but yourself.

More on the frame (couplers! loads of tire clearance! offset rear triangle and weird drivetrain!) next week.


Anonymous said...

Do you braze the connection where the fork tubes tie in to the crown? Or had you just not gotten around to tig welding them at the time of the photos?

Feldy said...

The term "bi-lam" has been around quite awhile. Otherwise known as making your own psuedo-lugs. A.k.a. building the bike twice

Walt said...

Hi Anon -

I don't really understand your question, but there is both brazing and tig going on. The brazing happens first.


gregclimbs said...

what is the welded nut on the non-brake side by the dropout for?

Or is that just your table ground in the background looking like it's part of the fork?