Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday morning photos from Max

Downward-curving toptube FTW! I'm so used to seeing them curved up that it's actually kinda disconcerting...


Anonymous said...

I think it looks great/functional curved down myself. Upwards curved tubes always make me think of a beach cruiser.

I got to put in about 20 miles today on some new trails. Happy to report that even with the short stays and steepish HTA the bike wasn't at all twitchy or unbalanced feeling. Master of fact I felt right at home on it! The biggest learning curve I think is gonna be adjusting to a suspension fork after 4 straight years on rigids but I can already say that the Fox Terralogic is an impressive piece of equipment! Can't wait to ride it again tomorrow! :-D

- Max

29er Guy said...

Dang! This post just sold another frame! Been going back and forth between quiring (he's local) and Walt. I just love the subtle curves on this one. Sexy. Gotta try the segmented fork too. They get rave reviews.