Friday, September 27, 2013


Welcome back from your deployment, man!

Geometry dorks, hark:
-69 HTA and 72.5 (effective) STA.
-95mm trail and 70.6cm front center (that's a 65cm effective toptube for those of you who like to know).
-41.5cm actual/41cm effective chainstays with plenty of room for fat tires (not Knards, though!)
-31cm/12.2" BB height.
-Built for 100mm travel, tapered steerer, singlespeed madness!
-Shockingly only features one curved tube on the front end (the seat tube, for tire clearance). I've somehow become that guy who makes curvy toptube bikes and it almost seems weird not to have to bust out the bender for this one.


steve garro said...

I told you there was no turning back once you crossed the line.

Luke Fekete said...

No swoopy tubes for me, straight lines go hard! Thanks again Walt, gonna be a beauty...