Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rusty on the loose! Plus; blast from the past from Dave

Just some random pictures (thanks Nick, thanks Dave) on a Wednesday night when I don't have much to say. I've been doing some tire testing for some fine folks at a tire company over the last few days and I might be allowed to post about that soon - weird to be "testing" stuff, as it basically just entails installing and going out to have fun.

In any case, Rusty gets ready for the Winter Park 50:

And a blast from the past from Dave, who writes: "10 years (11? 12?) later I'm still loving my WW. Can't believe it's been that long."

Actually, I don't think it's been 10. The only 10 year old bikes are all John Deere green, except Waltworks Zero (pirate packing tape and spraypaint). Call it 9. If my old hard drive hadn't croaked several years back I could probably say for sure...


Anonymous said...

There is a guy that lives in PA still riding a green Waltworks. V brake mounts and all. Strong as nails too, which you would never think by just looking at him.

er pine said...

Hmm. The mention of tire testing shortly after the mention of resurrecting the ol' 29er DH bike? Could these things be related? ;) Let's hope so!