Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Photos from Luis, soggy crotch ride report from Walt

Sarah and Bean are on the mend but I only managed a couple hours of work today. I DID go for a ride since the nice rainstorm we had left things actually non-dusty for the morning and I'm trying to go faster on our local flow/freeride/silly trail, the Bobsled.

-Rode my newly reincarnated 6" 29er for only the second time after making some suspension and tire pressure changes.
-Got way too excited.
-Sprinted into the opening turns that I usually basically just roll into, as it's pretty steep.
-Immediately washed out in the 2nd or 3rd corner, landed on my camelbak bladder (which exploded and soaked my shorts/chamois) and bent my derailleur hanger such that I couldn't shift to any gear higher than 5th.
-Coasted down with my tail between my legs and went home.

Good thing I got out for that instead of building bikes, eh?

Now enjoy some Crested Butte pics from Luis, including the apparently obligatory (thanks a lot, Chris) urination shot.

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Chris said...

I am glad to have helped start a trend:)