Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oh no he didn't....

Folks who are SLC locals will recognize this - the lookout on top of Mt. Wire. Almost 3000 feet of climbing from WW world HQ in only 5 miles - ouch! It's actually a pretty neat ride, though about 5% is hiking (at least for me, at least without a granny gear). The descent is pretty fun semi-techy stuff (I went back down the way I climbed up, will try something different next time) but you've gotta watch out for hikers and some of it is precarious/technical/steep/blind cornered. Fun.

As a side note, the climbing traction on Stupidmobile is amazing. Stupid short chainstays FTW!

Edit: Here's the elevation profile. Yes, it climbs 2000' in a little over 2 miles on the mountain itself. And yes, it's mostly rideable. I think there are really only 2 sections I can't imagine ever riding (though I walked a decent amount more than that this time around). And yes, this means I have gone over to the dark side/lame side and joined Strava.


Matt B said...

That is steep! To be precise its 4.8x as steep as my riding here in the NC lowlands. Good on ya to only walk 5%.

Matthew Clevenger said...

Dude, you took a picture of the wrong thing ;-) Everyone in SLC would know where you went (and bow down to your hill climbing prowess) if you took a picture of the "Flyswatters" (my name for that ride). The next time you are up there follow the trail to the SE, ride between the "flyswatters" (love that part) and hold on: it's steeeeep! Eventually it will connect with the whoop-dee-doos (aka "the roller coaster") trail.