Sunday, April 14, 2013

Apparently I'm too fast - also Danny's frame back from powdercoat.

No, not at riding bikes. I'm getting slower and slower at that.

I'm too fast at getting work done, apparently. As those of you who follow the waitlist may have noticed, the official wait time is usually listed as 6-7 months. You may have also noticed that I'm often 4-6 weeks or more ahead of that (there are also occasional projects that get delayed for a variety of reasons and take longer, of course).

This has become a bit of a problem, believe it or not, because some folks aren't actually ready for me to design and build their bike ahead of schedule. I think perhaps most people expect their bike to take a lot longer than I estimate, just because the custom bike "industry" seems to operate that way in many cases.

In any case, public service announcement: Get your fit info to me within a month or two of when you put down your deposit if at all possible. You are *always* welcome to update/modify the fit sheet and when I'm ready to design I'll use your most recent version. Please don't be surprised if I contact you to start design work well ahead of the published wait time (don't be surprised if I'm not ahead of schedule either, of course). If you need more time to save up the balance to pay for your bike, no problem - just let me know as far in advance as you can so that I can bump you down a few places on the waitlist if needed.

In actual bike news, I got Danny's frame back from the powdercoater a few days ago (it'll ship out on Monday, about 1 month ahead of schedule). It's a neat orange color that probably the photo doesn't do justice to - kind of an orange creamsicle thing. More about it here and here for folks who are bored.

This is a 120mm travel aggro-XC bike for the woods of NC (ie Pisgah).

-69 degree HTA and 97mm trail (with the TALAS fork at 120mm, at 95mm subtract 1.5 degrees and 10mm of trail)
-66.9cm front center, 43.5cm chainstays
-72 (because everyone knows it's more awesome) seat tube angle
-35cm/13.75" BB height (unsprung)
-3100g (6.8#) with seat collar and all hardware/shock, which IMO is not bad for a bike intended for abuse on some seriously rough trails.


doug m said...

Walt, man, you got to get a new temporary saddle for your photo shoots.

Walt said...

It's my mascot saddle. But yes, it looks awful. I should just use the (also beat to hell) post with no saddle at all, really.