Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Almost Famous, and go vote for my friends' bike park idea

First, I'm in Cycling Utah (scroll to page 14). I must say I look quite dour in the photo, though. Not sure what happened there. Here's another grumpy one taken of me this morning by a fellow who teaches urban planning at the U and was really excited about the bike (something along these lines happens about every 30 minutes on the cargo bike around here, which was fun at first but now... not as much).

Second, you should vote for my friends Krista and Eric's proposal for a bike park in Steamboat Springs so that they'll get $33k from Bell and can build it!

Yes, it's a facebook thing. Here are the instructions as related to me by Krista, since I am not a FB person and don't have any idea how to do it. Wow, that picture is awesome, too. Who could say no to a baby who wants a bike park?

Be sure to be logged in to FB. 
Choose the Pump Track Projects category 
Our project is the Bear River Bike Park, select this projectSubmit your vote!A pop-up window opens that asks you to 'Go to App'.  This will not download stupid stuff to your FB acct.  It is just the app that they use to tally the votes. 
Click 'Go to App'Most times a new window pops open that asks if you would like to 'Allow' or 'Skip' the app from updating your status.  Either option will count your vote (and even if you allow, I have never seen it update someones status or news feed).The page will refresh and say "Thank you for voting"You will have an option to vote in the other categories as well.  We would recommend voting for the Tahoe project in the Flow Trail category and the Sandy Ridge project in the Downhill category.   
Want to help more?Ask your cycling friends or non-cycling friends that are just awesome to vote.  This includes spouses, children, co-workers, extended family . . . anyone with a FB acct.

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