Monday, March 04, 2013

I tried... do some work today, but I realized I'd left the oxygen tank valve open (and the regulator has a tiny leak) so I decided to go refill.

Let's just say driving after a ~72 hour involuntary fast/enforced master cleanse/barfing extravaganza is not a very good idea. I did not crash the car but I could barely stand up when I got home and I passed out for the next 5 hours.

Long story short, nothing got done today. I seem to be able to keep down sorbet (woot!) so I can start making up the 10,000 calorie deficit I'm in, maybe. Looking at the nutrition info, I'm going to have to eat 3 or 4 cartons just to keep up with my base metabolic rate for today, though. Not sure that will happen.

If you tried to call me today, sorry I didn't answer. I am pretty sure tomorrow will go better.

Edit: for the framebuilders/bike nerds out there, I know I've said that front derailleurs are dead, but if you are building for one, and you want to use a direct mount, there's no better mount than the new ones that Joel at Clockwork has just had made. Simpler and lighter than the Paragon ones, cheaper too at $8. Want some? Drop him a line. 

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