Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Smartmoney Build 2013

I get asked about XX1 constantly, so here's the lowdown: if you're a frame customer, the complete XX1 group (trigger or gripshift, GXP cranks in either Q and either length) will run you $850. If you are not a frame customer DO NOT ASK TO BUY PARTS. Whew.

Front derailleurs are dead as aurochs, so XX1 is now "smart money". You can debate me in the comments if you disagree, but IMO the performance advantage over any other system out there right now is huge. Hopefully we'll see an X.9 level version next year.

Note that this build applies to any wheel size (26/650/29).

Smart Money 2013 - $4000

Frame: WW custom hardtail (full suspension: add $900, includes Fox CTD rear shock)
Fork Fox RLC (taper or non, 15 or 9mm axle)

Headset King
Stem Thomson
Handlebar Easton EC70 or Haven Carbon
Brake levers Shimano XT (choice of rotor size)
Shifters XX1
Front derailleur None
Rear derailleur XX1
Bottom Bracket XX1
Chain XX1
Cassette XX1
Crankset XX1
Pedals None
Cables/housing Included
Seatpost Thomson Elite
Brakes Shimano XT
Skewers Included
Wheelset ZTR hubs with Crest/Arch/Flow rims (your choice)
RimStrips Included
Tubes None
Tires Ignitor 2.1
Grips/tape Ritchey WCS
Saddle WTB Laser V pro


DaveH said...

Bumped Magura MT's off the list in favor of XT brakes? For the record, I've been pretty happy with mine.

Walt said...

Yeah, I've been convinced by others that the XTs are the way to go. I still like my Maguras and both are great brakes. As always, this build is just an example. You can customize it any way you want.

Matt B said...

I liked my Maguras (MT4s) until I had to bleed them every couple hundred miles. Switched to XTs with the Icetech rotors after numerous people recommended them. SOLID. I had to learn how to brake lightly again. TIme will tell but the hype seems to be well earned.

Reid said...

Walt, I'd be curious of your opinion on XX1 vs. Rohloff.

Feldy said...

Almost exactly what I was thinking...except you need to get a preferred non-girly-width bar spec'd. Yes, 710mm is now girly-width. You gotta step it up now. It's crazy. try it, you'll like it. And a dropper post. Really, just spend less time on MTBR and more on pinkbike.

I also learned what an auroch is, so that's worth something. I guess

Anonymous said...

If I already owe a frame from you can I purchase XX1 or am out of luck?

Neve_r_est said...

Agreed on the XX1.

I've got both the new versions of the XT and the SLX, and I'm not seeing a whole lot of difference between the two. They look identical aside from a key in place of the pad retention bolt(and the hole is threaded, so just a matter of getting the bolts)on the SLX. I suppose I should yank them off and weigh them at some point, but they both work well.

Anonymous said...

This isn't the tenth time I've learned something non-bike related on Walt's blog. Aurochs...I love it!