Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mo Money, Mo Curved Stuff and Fancy Dropouts

Yep, it's one of those dreaded price increase posts. $1500 is what a frame will set you back starting April 3rd (yes, that's the Bean's birthday, and I figured I'd have problems if I made it April 1st). Everyone in line is locked into the existing price, of course.

People always want an explanation, here it is - I've been spending a lot more time on each frame because people want super short manipulated chainstays, curved seat (and now top) tubes, increasingly diverse (ie random enough that I can't buy bulk amounts of a single kind) dropouts, etc, etc. Materials prices haven't changed much, my overhead remains low, but you guys are asking for more and more cool stuff and it takes me time to do it.

This one just has one curved tube

So if you think I'm a greedy jerk, no problem, put down a deposit before April 3rd. If you just can't imagine ever affording a custom frame and want to know what stock bike you'd like best, or you've found some great new builder who will do a frame for super cheap for you, you can also just hire me to design your frame for a cool $50-100 (depending on how talkative you are and how long we have to talk it over). At this point I have designed more mountain bikes than all but a handful of people on earth so I guarantee you'll like my advice and design (otherwise it's free). Contact me for details.


Mike said...

"put down a deposit before April 3rd."
That's some good bizness practice right thar.
Want a bike at current pricing?
You've got a month.
If I was shopping for a custom bike right now, I'd love that.

Feldy said...

Your new show is too clean. It weirds me out to not see shavings from your chop saw and soot from your O-A torch everywhere.

Walt said...

Give it 4 or 5 years and I'm sure it will be nice and disgusting.

Actually, the main reason it's clean is that I have to sweep up wax shavings from waxing skis.

The Los said...

More than fair, especially considering the patience required not to kink tubes while bending!
Gonna try and get you a deposit in the next month, and I'll give you a call to discuss things soon...