Sunday, February 03, 2013

Picture dump - McCalla 3

One of these hopefully will show what the "doohickeys" that Dave asked about in Pt. 1 are for.

 Shock mount installed. Good thing I offset the DT to help make room!

 I know, boring, a cable guide. I liked the half-moon weld rainbows.

See the doohickey?  Also note the machined-out sleeve for the rocker mount.

 Almost ready to party...

Edit: It has come to my attention that I posted this during the super bowl, which, if I'm honest, I did not know was occurring, much less which teams were involved. So, in summary, I am an America-hating vegan communist sympathizer, no need to point it out.


Dave said...

Aha! I do indeed see them. Cool, thanks. Did you just tack them for test fitting the shock? Looks like they still need to be welded all the way around? The sleeve also looks nice and I'm assuming it gets welded more as well?

Walt said...

Dave -

Yes, in this case they are just tacked in. They are the last thing (along with the sleeve) to be joined to the frame. The pivot mounts get TIG welded onto the sleeve, then the sleeve gets brass brazed to the seat tube. I'll get some pictures of that today as I finish up.

Adam Sklar said...

Dannnng, that is rad. I definitely need one.

james said...

What's this "Superbowl" thing? Is that some kind of toilet bowl cleaner?

Anonymous said...

If this writeup doesn't sell bikes for you, I don't know what will. Great pictures, great welds, and great writeup.

I can't wait to get one just like this.