Saturday, February 02, 2013

Mike pt. 2

Just a couple of pictures on a Saturday morning. I still need finish up the shock mount and add some cable guides.

Note that I'd prefer to curve the seat tube, but due to the limited room to make the bend and need for a decent amount of seatpost insertion (he'll sometimes run a 350mm rigid post and sometimes a 400+mm dropper), it has to be cut and welded back together.

The toptube is relatively high (normally I would drop it and brace it to the seat tube) because McCalla A) has really long legs, and B) could care less about standover.

Downtube is offset down (to help make room for the shock and make the ST compound miter a bit less insane) so instead of a smooth curve, it's got a straight section at the bottom of the joint. Kinda neat looking, actually.

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