Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Day After Christmas!

Random holiday notes:
-There are 5 different Christian radio stations between 88.5 and 91.3 FM in Southern Wyoming. I did not venture further up the dial to assess how many more there are.
-The only other stations in this frequency range are all NPR, so you can give yourself cultural whiplash with just a quarter turn of the dial!
-This is the highlight of Southern Wyoming, until you get to Happy Jack and Curt Gowdy.
-Driving ahead of/in a blizzard is a bad way to transport 2 bicycles on a hitch rack. I am not sure my old man bike drivetrain survived. Sarah's cyclocross bike... yikes. It's going to take a lot of cleaning, at the very least.
-Sushi is a good Christmas dinner. Really, really good.
-The inlaws failed to get into a single argument the entire time, which is some kind of record.

Finally, Luis is a jerk who is out riding his bike (which is not covered with road salt and Wyoming mud) while we shiver in the cold. But we thank him anyway for the photo.


Anonymous said...

Nice, congrats on making it safe.

Andrew McMullan said...

Made that mistake last winter. It was our first one back in the Midwest and my wife and I both were just excited to get out in the snow. After several hours in the garage, four sets of disc pads, sanded rotors, two chains, one cassette, and all new cables and housing we were good to go.

Won't be doing that again...