Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mark's 650b - with powdercoat

I have gotten a few comments that I should stop posting pictures of raw frames because they're ugly (which, to be fair, is basically true) and post more of frames with powdercoat on them. So here you go!

If you want to see the original raw photos, click here. 

Geometry info:
-39.2cm/15.4" curved seat tube that takes a 27.2 post. Effective 70 degrees (yes, that's very slack).
-61cm/24" effective toptube and 69 degree HTA, but only 638mm front center (remember that slack seat angle).
-Pretty low (295mm/11.7") BB height paired with 170 cranks
-41cm chainstays with plenty of tire clearance. S-bendiness. Paragon sliders.
-Takes a tapered steerer fork (120mm travel) or 1 1/8" with conversion baseplate.

Mark is a Vegas dude, so I'm assuming this bike will see time out at Red Rocks and maybe up at Brian head as well. Amazing how much easier it is to fit in tires and such with 650b rather than 29" (as an aside, the frame will actually *just barely* clear a 29" wheel with a 2.1" tire).


Roger Ward said...

HI Walt
Cool frame!

What fork is this frame designed for?


Roger Ward said...

OK, now I've read it more carefully - 120mm!