Saturday, November 10, 2012

Know a vet in SLC who needs a sweet bike?

Due to the incompetence of a vet in Boulder (who set his broken leg off-kilter years ago) and his own mediocre genetics, Pele has always had hip problems, but they've gotten really, really bad - he wakes up crying at night now and can't go for anything but a very slow walk without paying the price later.

Seeing him like this makes me want to cry.

Anyway, I know quite well that it's probably the case that there's not much that can be done (he is already on tons of glucosamine and NSAIDs) it would be nice to get a professional opinion and perhaps x-rays and such to see just how badly destroyed his hips are at this point. So if you're a vet here in town, or you know one who might be interested, I'd be interested in trading bike parts or custom frame/fork, or whatever, for some veterinary services.

Alternately, if you have a favorite vet in town to recommend, even if they aren't a bike person, please chime in, I'll need to take him in no matter what.


Spiff said...

My wife grew up in Farmington, UT and has a veterinarian uncle who works in west SLC. He's a runner (does ultra's and such) but might be interested in bike stuff. I'll check with him and, if he's interested, I'll send you his name/contact info.

Margo said...

damn. Sorry, Walt. Best of luck to you all, and best wishes and prayers to Pele...