Friday, November 09, 2012


Clif is big. Well, tall. He is actually freaky skinny, but in the "closer to 7 feet than 6" category you can be skinny and still quite a bit bigger than us lilliputians.

Anyway, here are some photos and a geometry breakdown:
-72/73 head and seat angles.
-68.5cm/27" effective toptube and 724mm front center
-56cm/22" seat tube, curved just a little bit to make room for the tire
-Weirdly short (for someone his size) 42.5cm chainstays (42cm effective) with clearance for a 2.4" tire.
-320mm/12.6" BB height (Clif will run 190mm cranks)
-S-bends, sliders, and all the other usual stuff. This sucker will run SS or 1x with full-length housing, but will never see a front derailleur (though in theory you could put one on, I guess)
-Tapered-capable head tube and built for a 100mm travel fork (or the rigid fork pictured).

Clif had a bike that he really liked the fit on, but he had trouble getting the front end up and hated how sluggish it felt, so we whacked some length off the rear end and kept the HTA well on the steep side to keep the FC down (he'll be using a pretty long stem as it is, otherwise we would have also chopped off some TT length). Hopefully this one will be a little snappier!


Reid said...

Remember, your shoe size scales as the 3/2 power of your height.

J_K said...

Question about those cable guides.
Looks like they are welded. Are they Pacenti stainless guides? How's the weldability?

steve garro said...

I just built one for a guy 6'9"
Much the same,but different - 41" inseam!

Forbes Black said...

No wonder I thought the frame looked small for Clif... 68.5cm top tube!!!! Now that I know that bit of the geometry puzzle, everything else gets proportionally bigger!

Anonymous said...

at 6f9, he should be on a 36er... Walt, tell them!
David Folch