Thursday, October 18, 2012


Some in-progress pictures while I wait for the temps outside to climb out of the 30s (wow, I'm really not ready mentally for winter!)

Geometry data to follow at some point, for now, just a few photos.

Subtle seat tube curve - just enough for tire clearance. Note the insert for 27.2 post that will be welded in. You've gotta use an oversized seat tube if you want to curve things (or else accept that your post won't go in very far) so this is typically the way I go for curved setups. The seat tube is a nice 1/7/1 Supertherm from True Temper.

Front end almost ready to tack up.

Weight loss surgery for sliders - that's way more tab than I need to TIG 'em, saves 40 grams or something and makes my right arm huge from the hacksaw work...cutting stainless is a pain! Note that the inserts are all gunky and semi-burned looking because they're the ones I use to hold everything together while mitering/joining the stays. So they've been though a lot over the years. Chris will get shiny new ones to actually build up the frame and ride on.

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Lance said...

curved seat tubes now!? What's next?