Saturday, September 01, 2012

Ego-trip Saturday

I wish I was racing the Park City point to point right now, but since it fills up in like 3 minutes in January or something, and I didn't know it existed until yesterday, c'est la vie. I will have to settle for rereading Adam's email until my ego becomes too large to be contained by my swollen head and I spontaneously combust.

Hey Walt,

I'll try to keep this relatively brief so as not to inflate your ego too much. I just got back from my ride on the Colorado Trail. Prior to departing I had done two commuter/urban rides with the rigid fork just to get on the thing and ride it. It felt like a 29inch BMX, exactly what I was hoping for, I couldn't be happier with the feel; nimble, easy to manny, not at all long or sluggish, it felt great....on the street. As soon as the Fox arrived in the mail I put it on and went out to hit one of my regular 4 hour loops in the North Shore. A good mix of tech, steep, road, BC xc, the proving grounds. That's all I needed, it felt perfect, like I was riding an iron, it just smoothed out the trail both up and down, and easily made the tight switchbacks other 29ers I tried struggled with.

I sewed up the last of my bags, the frame bag for the main triangle and a day later was in Denver picking up some supplies at REI that I couldn't fly with.

Long story short....500+ miles of all kinds of trail conditions and terrain in 10 tough days of loaded riding has me still grinning and has me very happy with decision to call you to get the job done right. Flowing through aspens at 24mph, grinding up a rocky, rooty climb at just over walking pace, hammering a fire road to eat up easy miles, hanging on to a techy descent at hour 14 on the day. You nailed it! I can't wait to ride the thing unloaded and really let it go.

Colorado (SLC now) Builder + BC Bike Feel + Colorado Trail + BC Rider = Perfection

Thanks so much for your effort and attention to detail. I'll be happy for years to come on this bike. It already feels like I've been riding it for years.

Some pictures attached, I'll send some from my local trails without the bags when I get a chance.


Tom A said...

Thanks for the write-up. That is exactly what I'm looking for with my new bike.

I'm glad there isn't a test required, though, because I'm not capable of sewing my own bags, manualing, or riding the Colorado Trail in 10 days.

Walt said...

Well, to be fair, I can't do those things either. But I also like a bike like this for my personal ride.