Friday, August 17, 2012


Pictures, pictures. Here's the new shop. Highlights include:
-20x19 workspace - 380 sq feet, vs 324 at the old shop. It seems HUGE.
-Pull-down ladder/stairs up to a little loft for storage (boxes, packing materials, extra tubes, etc)
-2 240v 30 amp outlets for the mill and the welder (no more hardwired equipment that can't be moved!)
-Full blazing bright lights for working after sundown (or before sunrise).
-Attic fan to keep things a little cooler in the summer.
-Windows in the garage door and also in the loft, not quite as much like working in a cave.
-A decent, solid workbench built by my fantastic brother out of the scrap wood we had left after de-palletizing the mill.

And best of all, of course, *things arranged how I want them in the first place* instead of a shop that was throw together as I acquired tools and was impossible to get around in.

Still to come:
-2-head work stand that swings down from the roof and locks in place, then swings back up when not needed.
-A few more bike hooks and bikes.
-Jay's 36er, Lance's road bike, and a Bakfiets for me to ride around town and get groceries with (over the next few weeks, that is).

(this will be posted again next week)
Come visit me! If you're an SLC local and want to come see the shop, talk to me, find out more about what I do, please let me know if you'd like to stop by. I'm also going to do an open house (yes, there will be some beer) on August 25th from 4-6pm or so. That coincides with our neighborhood "Heart and Soul Porchfest" in which 9 different bands will be playing on porches on our block. Come say hi and stay for the music and lawn games (but remember, ride your bike or take TRAX, because the whole block will be closed off to cars).


Rody said...

Congrats on landing safely Walt, I hope the shop flows together just how you want it. Best of luck in SLC!


ssportsman said...


I realize you're in SLC now, but you should still have a beer fridge in your shop. You may have to disguise it though.

looking forward to seeing your bakfiets

Adam Sklar said...

Sweet lookin shop!

Adam Sklar said...

Sweet lookin shop!

Anonymous said...

Looks great.

Don't forget to compensate for the lower altitude when welding ;)