Monday, July 09, 2012

You lose some, you win some.

Here's what remains of a frame after I forgot to tighten the head tube portion of the frame fixture. Super sweet 3+ degree difference between the head tube and the seat tube - perfect for riding in left-handed circles! Yes, I salvaged the BB shell for my upcoming Bakfiets project.

Doh. I was in a black mood for hours. I haven't done that in YEARS, but the impending move is apparently making me act like (more of) an idiot.

But then I got this email from a customer (who can remain anonymous unless he wants to chime in):


I took the bike out yesterday and went twice as long as originally planned because I couldn't stop grinning!! I love my bike! I have never felt like a bike was just an extension of my body until now. Even though you probably don't need any, feel free to put me down as a satisfied customer reference.

Take care and thanks for choosing to build bikes for a living!


mike said...

I have done and thought the same thing! Your bikes are the best! Good luck with the move.

pinchbolt said...

If it's any consolation, I folded the front triangle of a frame while it was on the alignment table (trying to hot-set a twist out of the headtube) last week. Luckily it was at my part time job at R+E and not on a frame build at my shop, and it was only Reynolds 725, but still. Super lame. At least they got those tubesets for like $17 since they bought in bulk.