Saturday, July 07, 2012

Moving sale part 1: TITANIUM!

I have had these sitting around for about 7 years - back when I thought I would eventually want to make titanium frames. That never happened and I've concluded that it's stupid to have them sitting around (or moving them to another state) so I'm selling the whole lot. They are in great shape, albeit a bit dusty, and the finish quality is excellent. Some in original packaging from the mill, some not. All are Asian-origin 3/2.5 and .9mm wall thickness. Buyer pays shipping, I'll ship 'em anywhere on earth.

Reasonable offers considered, buyer pays shipping. I want these gone!

Here's what I've got:

-24 pieces of 19mm x 0.9mm straight gauge 3/2.5 ti, lengths from 46 to 53.5cm. This would typically be used for seatstays. Identical to this. $40 per pair, or $450 for the whole lot.

-10 pieces of 22.2mm x 0.9mm straight gauge 3/2.5 ti, 46cm length. Chainstays. Same as this. $40/pair or $350 for the lot.

-24 pieces of 31.8mm x 0.9mm straight gauge 3/2.5 ti, 58-62cm lengths. These would be either seat tubes or toptubes for most people. Same as this. $45/piece or $1000 for the lot.

-8 titanium seat binders. Mitered to fit 31.8 tubes, take an M6 bolt (bolt not included). $5 each or $30 for the lot.

Want it *all*? $1600 plus freight.

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