Monday, April 16, 2012

Random thoughts: The Bean

-The Bean is remarkably stubborn about basically everything (he won't even let Sarah help him get attached to the boob!) but also amazingly cabable for someone who can barely even hold up his own head. I foresee a lot of headaches in about 15 years.
-Sleeping is not so bad, but we have to schedule 12 hours of in-bed time in order to get enough!
-I am actually doing ok on the bike building front, thanks to a combination of focusing on efficiency (ie, not screwing around) and my thoughtful customers not bugging me too much.
-Following up on that, it's clear to me that if you're a "pro" framebuilder, and you have a family, being efficient is a big deal. There is a reason a ton of builders quit when they hit about 35 (don't worry, I'm not quitting). Artsy frames built with 100 hours of love are great, but when you've only got a couple of hours to get things done because your family needs you, I have to imagine working for the man starts looking awfully attractive. 400 frames of experience and a TIG welder will see me through!
-I am probably overconfident about this, but I might even get to ride my bike tomorrow, for the first time since the Bean showed up.
-People think it is really weird that we call him "The Bean", rather than just "Bean", or, maybe, his actual name.

Tomorrow: some pictures of Matt's S&S coupled gigantic (yes, gigantic) 'cross/tour frame in progress.


Vertigo Cycles said...

True words, Walt.

We're expecting our second child in June and I'm expecting chaos. A second mill was purchased and new tooling designed to remove 30min or more of setup time for each build.

It's about to get exciting. Best of luck to you while you figure all this out.


Feldy said...

"The Bean" sounds like "The Cheat." Maybe you need to buy him a trophy and/or a pizza. Hey Steve!