Saturday, April 14, 2012

Garage sale updates and SS frame for sale

Did some inventory and lots of tubes and framebuilding junk added to the garage sale, folks.

Check it out.

Also, I'm selling my 2010 vintage SS frame. You can read all about it here.

Why sell it? Well, we're moving in a few months, and I'm not a fan of the Black Cat dropouts. I plan to build myself a new singlespeed when we're in UT and settled in, but until then, I really don't have the time to put this one back together (it's stripped down to frame only), much less time to ride it much.

How much? $800 takes it. Shipping included to anywhere in the continental US, or if you live somewhere else, I can give you a shipping quote.

Geometry in a nutshell:
-69 HTA, 73 STA.
-20.5" seat tube, 23.5" effective toptube
-150mm head tube (1 1/8"), 12.2" BB height
-420mm chainstays (415mm effective) with swingers all the way forward.
-S-bends, clearance for 2.3" tires.
-Full cable stops for derailleurs if you want them.
-Black Cat swinger dropouts.
-Dark blue.
-Takes a 27.2 post.

A couple things to keep in mind:
-Yes, I will give you a warranty.
-Tubeset is TT OX platinum pretty much all around except for the seatstays and seat tube.
-Weight is about 4.2# as I recall. I can go weigh it if you want an exact number.
-If you don't like slack front ends and short stays, this is not the frame for you.
-You will need long legs and prefer toptubes on the shorter side to make it fit well.
-If you're over 175#, I will not sell it to you, because it was built for me, and I'm 150.
-I think it rides better at 100mm travel than at 80mm, but it will work fine with either.
-I'm happy to sell you a complete build kit or just a few parts, whatever you need to build it up.
-The derailleur hanger on the swingers is pretty flimsy and has been bent and straightened a few times.
-There is a very small dent in the downtube right on top of one of the decals caused by a flying rock. It is not a structural problem but it's visible.
-Paint on the nondriveside chainstay (and to a lesser extent the driveside) is rubbed off by my duck-footed heels. I can do a complete repaint for $175 in any color you'd like (and I can fix the dent at the same time for no extra charge, if you want to go that route).

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