Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kyle's Orange Frame + Walt Needs Sleep!

The pollen is thick in the air, and the Bean's tiny nostrils are filled with snot. Not fun for anyone, since he wakes up about every 15 minutes from being so stuffed up. Ugh.
Quick picture I snapped of Kyle's new ride. Yes, those are *v-brake* studs. He even had me machine off the disc tab on the sliders (he'll eventually upgrade to discs and get a new insert, I imagine)!

As usual, for the geometrically curious:
-51cm seat tube at 73 degrees
-14.2cm head tube, 72 degree head tube angle
-65.8cm front center, 107.6cm wheelbase
-62cm effective toptube
-42.5cm actual/42cm effective chainstays with the sliders at the front, clearance for any tire Kyle wants
-315mm BB height (12.4")

Short and snappy for Midwest ST, folks.

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Anonymous said...

Saline nasal spray and the nasal ball sucker thingy from the hospital is very helpful. Use something like "Little Noses".