Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Random thoughts about Salt Lake City

-Bumpy airplane flight + pregnant wife = no fun. I'm glad it was only an hour!
-Salt Lake is freaking huge!
-The BST is darn cool. Like someone combined our own local Green Mountain with the geology of, say Fruita or something. Favorite "you would never hear this in Boulder" quote: "This is strictly a downhill - it is not recomended riding uphill on the Bobsled. In 2007 a new approach was constructed that is not as steep and rocky, a lot of work was also done in the bottom of the ravine to enable higher speeds." Boo-yah!
-Apparently skateboarding is unknown in Utah. I did not see a single skater or frat boy on a longboard in the entire 2 hours I wandered around the campus. Note that I'm not particularly complaining about that, it just seemed weird.
-The mountains are on the wrong side. Someone should be informed that mountains are supposed to be to the West.

In less than an hour, I will have my first non-Moab Utah food and beer experience... we'll see how it goes.


Brad said...

Did she at least have a good birthday?

rideswithscissors said...

I liked the Red Rock brewery. Yummy lamb chops and strong beer!