Monday, March 12, 2012

Cody blows up my ego

Got this email this morning:
I wanted to let you know that I am very happy with my frame that you built for me. All the tweaks you made have yielded exactly what I wanted and it rides amazing. The handling is quite different (more stable but turns faster like you said it would) and seems telepathic at times. It is stiff climbing out of the saddle (much more so than my Indy fab) but still compliant like steel is (oddly more so than my Indy Fab). Your fork is confusing!! I never expected it to ride better than my current fork on my IF(their brand) but, it does (way more supple!!). I'm not hitting my heels on the stays either! I can't thank you enough for an awesome experience and a bike that exceeds all my expectations! You definitely know your frame building Walt!!

I included some build pics for your amusement.. Here is a list of what I built it with, as if you were interested! If you have read this far I know you must be high or something!!

- King/crest 32 cross 3 build wheels with weight weenie racing ralph tires.
- Thompson fare.
- White Industries cranks and BB
- Comfy San Marco saddle (yes, its comfortable to me..)
- Edge handle bar
- BB7 brakes (i like simple)
- Paul levers
- What does it weigh you ask.. I have no idea and I don't care, I'll shit the difference and win anyway! Lol!



Martha said...

I could write the same letter... I'm LOVING my minty green Walt. :) I spend my entire ride announcing, "I love this bike! Go bike, go!" It is telepathic, and as I learn to trust it (and my skills) more, I'll be unstoppable. ;) Thanks Walt!

JKersting said...

That sums up my experience too. Telepathic handling! Can't wait to replicate that on my upcoming road frame. Looks like it might be one of the last WW's built in Boulder.

aaron w said...

That bike looks hot. I wish I had done my first walt bike with a rigid non-susp corrected fork.

Matt B. said...

It has been said before and will be said many times again -- your forks are the best. Period.