Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Ready (well, once it's powdercoated and has things like wheels and a fork) for the GDR, baby!

Here's the breakdown:
-51cm seat tube at 73 degrees. Oversized 31.8 with a stainless top sleeve for the first 2" or so where the post inserts (it takes a 27.2).
-145mm head tube at 70.5 degrees, ready for a tapered Fox 100mm fork.
-63cm effective toptube, 67.8cm front-center, and longish 45cm chainstays for a 112cm wheelbase. We wanted long and stable on this big fellow.
-12.2" BB height, clearance for 2.5" tires, Rohloff hub specific!
-S-bend Deda chainstays (beef!) and some NOS Burly cargo bike seatstays (ditto) that I bent to match.

Robert is a big dude, and he wants reliability over light weight, so the bike is made almost entirely of True Temper Supertherm (BMX) tubing. It's not light - almost 6# with the slider inserts bolted on. But when you're pulling a trailer on the Great Divide - an extra pound of frame weight is probably worthwhile.


Anonymous said...

Walt, I think your snow bike guy is long gone. I remember him talking about his up coming WW snow bike on MTBR and mentioning something about just needing to get you rear tire clearance info. I just did an Advanced search on MTBR and no such thread exists anymore....so I think he even had himslef deleted!

Guillaume said...

I really like the look of the raw steel tubes. Do you offer a clearcoat option only?