Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring Cleaning 2: Looking for a fatbike on short notice?

I built this front triangle and fork more than 6 months ago, but the customer (if you're out there, you know who you are - drop me a line!) wanted to get some measurements for potential minor changes to the rear end. My last contact was 5 months ago, and I'm tired of looking at these sitting in the shop gathering dust.

So, looking for a fatbike? This might be your lucky day - take a look at the basic geometry:
-52cm/20.5" seat tube, center to top
-62cm/24.4" effective toptube
-71 degree head/73 degree seat angles
-143mm head tube, for 1 1/8" steerer
-12.4" BB height
-For 465mm/44mm rake fork (pictured) so that you can swap to a 29er suspension fork in the summer.
-Beefy enough for anyone under 220# (32mm toptube, 38mm downtube)
-100mm BB shell
-Fork has ample clearance (125mm) for any existing tire including the BFL. Rear clearance can be built to whatever spec you want!

Rear end geometry is constrained by the front triangle, but you can still customize things like the chainstay length, tire clearance, rack/fender/etc mounts, dropouts, cable routing, color, etc. If you're willing to play with the angles a little bit, we can also change the BB height to a limited extent.

Bottom line: I'll sell you this (finished) frame and fork for the low, low price of $1000 (plus or minus a few bucks depending on dropout choice) in any color you want. Complete parts packages are available at my usual super-low OEM prices, of course, and I can finish this sucker pretty quickly (I'll burn some midnight oil) - so you won't have to be on the waitlist. The downside, of course, is that it's not really "custom" for you. C'est la vie. My standard warranty will apply, of course.

For the anonymous customer who has disappeared - I hope you're ok. If you drop me a line, let's get this finished *for you*, eh?

And yes, this would be sort of close to fitting me, so if I don't get any takers, maybe I'll end up being a fatbike owner after all...


MattB said...

What a great deal. Wish I were a little shorter/lighter (or the wife were taller) and "needed" a fat bike! I could probably make it fit if you don't get any takers.

MattB said...

Man, the more I look at this the more I think it may actually fit me well as the geometry is similar to my 29er. What is standover roughly - 840mm?? May actually be too high for me and my short-for-my-height legs.

Anonymous said...

Any chance this fork is still hanging around the shop? Looking for one that would fit a Paul WHUB. If so, please email me at